Technologeeks (tĕk-nŏ-l'ə-gēks)
n. 1. Expert Consultants and Trainers for all your software development needs.

We are a group of experts devoted to tackling the toughest problems and most challenging technologies in software today. Focusing on operating system internals and networking, we aim to deliver expert solutions for the Big Three (Windows, Linux and Mac OS), and the leading mobile derivatives - Android and iOS. We both provide training on demand, and serve as mentors or project managers.

Technologeeks Instructors teach monthly on campus for industry leaders - Adobe, Checkpoint, and Intel, to name but a few. As consultants, we either mentor or outsource difficult projects.

Our approach, just like our site, is minimalist - whatever it takes to get the work done, with as little overhead as possible. Our pricing is flat-rate, project or course based, and affordable.

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