Technologeeks (tĕk-nŏ-l'ə-gēks)
n. 2. Purveyors of fine debugging and tracing tools.

Jonathan Levin's Debugging tools for MacOS and (Jailbroken) *OS systems

You've probably used the many free tools published by Jonathan Levin in His MacOS and *OS Internals books, such as jtool, procexp, XPoCe and others... And if you haven't check them out - they're free, outdo Apple's own, and (on the *OS variants) - are the only tools of their kind!

Today, we are happy to announce that Jonathan has granted TechnoloGeeks exclusive license to manage and distribute his first commercial tool, which will revolutionize debugging, tracing and reverse engineering on MacOS and jailbroken iOS variants:

The MacOS version is live, and an iOS version is coming soon!

Jonathan has been using his tools in his trailblazing work, *OS Internals, and - after much testing, tweaking, and proofing - has deemed them ready for use by anyone who has interest in reverse engineering on the world's most advanced operating systems!

MacOS and *OS debugging, tracing and reversing is about to change.. forever.

BETA PROGRAM NOW LIVE! Email p/r/o/d/u/c/t/s@T/e/c/h/n/o/l/o/g/e/e/k/s for details and registration!